All Types Of Abuse Count

I used to look back and count myself lucky that worse hadn’t happened to me. I now know it’s a way of minimising my trauma.

I spent so long dismissing my childhood as a traumatic experience that when I stopped and thought about it, I mean really thought about it, I was so overwhelmed I could barely function.

I believed abusers were people who beat their children, or raped them. I had no idea that actually there are many types of abuse.

The four main types of abuse from neglect are Physical, Emotional, Educational and Medical. I got 4 out of 4. Lucky lucky me.

I didn’t consider the physical neglect as the worse case scenario so I just dismissed it, after all, there were people out there that routinely beat their kids half to death, right? So I was quietly grateful that I’d never had to endure that. In a way I still am.

But all types of abuse are relevant. They all have an impact on children, especially when the perpetrators are primary caregivers. Caregivers. A word with great explanation. Someone who gives care. It’s almost laughable at times. If it wasn’t so sad.

I look at my own children and routinely wonder How The Actual Fuck could anyone treat their children with anything other than love and care. It’s beyond me. Clearly that level of shit parenting is above my paygrade.

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