I’m a busy family woman on a journey of recovery from childhood trauma.

So I finally realised that the adult I’ve become has been heavily influenced by the childhood I endured, I know right, what a revelation. I use the word endured with great care, for it wasn’t all bad. I have a colourful history of childhood trauma from abuse and neglect that can be a little cringey at times, hilarious at others, and just downright bizarre in the middle.

A series of circumstances that led to some questionable situations and decision making. 

The idea of this blog is to shed some light on complex trauma for those who may not even realise they’re suffering, by posting about my own experiences and things I’ve found to help me overcome and accept my own trauma. 

If just one person recognizes a behaviour and questions their own possibility of trauma driven behaviour, I will have done enough. 

Peace out. 

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